Hello! I am Levi Nobre,
investor and programmer.

"You want to be rich? So do not worry in raising your wealth, but in lessening your greed."

     I worked 7 years with web/software/mobile development and I developed some projects about finances, web hosting, charity and cryptocurrencies. But currently I focus my work in investments and in study about economy and financial market.

Recent Projects


     Platform to receive payments and donations with cryptocurrencies. This is automatic and with easy integration.


     Carina is an exchange which enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The platform is automatic, do not need of some identification or fees.


     Platform and personal financial management application. Manage your bank accounts, credit cards, revenues, expenses, loans and bills.


     Storlogi is a company with the goal of providing a web hosting with better quality and cheap. The low cost with electricity and connection have as result the price more cheaper than other companies. The datacenters are located in the United States.


     URLe is a URL shortener and an advertising platform that aims to bring investors to promote your brand, and also monetize the content produced on the web, using bitcoin.

Get in touch

Need talk with me? Below has a contact form, but if you want to send a direct e-mail, send to [email protected], I will answer you as soon as possible.